Queue service. No more than 5 minutes in the checkout line.

Our real-time monitoring solution for queues and checkout service is a turnkey solution and is just one of the business-focused modules used by our intelligent video analytics counting equipment. It automatically and continuously captures, analyzes and reports instantly on the number of people lined up, as well as their waiting time, at the same time measuring customer service time at the cash desk. Every minute, every day of the week, it monitors visitors and their activity within the store.

CAPACITY control. Measurement of the occupation inside.

Our 3D sensors accurately measure the flow of traffic through each of the accesses through which people enter and exit. They instantly communicate the data to our application to immediately calculate the occupancy inside the supermarket.

Product distribution.

Our people counting solution for supermarkets will help you:
Make cashier improvements and optimize staff availability, as well as optimize the number and combination of cashiers.

Operational and efficiency.

Service management focuses on the delivery of information in real time, reports can be accessed through a web portal, and even from mobile phones or tablets.
Every minute of every day, automatically and precisely counting, we know:
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